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Ako želite ispuniti ovaj upitnik na hrvatskom, molimo pritisnite ovu poveznicu.

Dear Madam/Sir,
Thank you for showing interest for downloading file rrHE.txt.

The first edition of this generation of this text file rrHE.Txt has been created during the project "Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary" in 2005. The file rrHE.Txt is permanently increasing, by work of Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary development team, and also based on contributions and suggestions received from its users. For the purposes of official interface to sentence dictionary, sentences from the file rrHE.Txt are additionally segmented and segments are transformed to their basic form. These information form the core part of official interface needed for sentence dictionary advanced search and they are not available for download.

In order to keep the file rrHE.Txt and the whole EH Dictionary System as good as possible, we kindly ask you to fill the following questionnaire before download. After receiving your answers, the administrator of sentence dictionary will send you the link to the file rrHE.Txt, during the next working day. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
Dr. Goran Igaly and HE Sentence Dictionary project team

Your first name and family name:

When and where have you heard for the first time about HE Sentence Dictionary?

How are you planning to use the file rrHE.Txt (building an application, scientific work, ...)?

Would you like to receive the news about development of the Croatian-English Dictionary System?

Your email address: We will send you the link to the most recent version of rrHE.Txt to this address and news about the development of Croatian-English Dictionary System, if you entered "Yes" in previous field.

Are you willing to help in development of HE Sentence Dictionary (by assigning rights for using translations in sentence dictionary, working on segmentation, linking sentence dictionary with another dictionary system, buying or distributing commercial products based on EH Dictionary and HE Sentence Dictionary, using marketing place of EH and HE Dictionaries, sponsorship, donation, ...)? If so, please describe briefly your suggestion for cooperation .