Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary
   Hrvatsko-engleski recenicni rjecnik


(22 January 2006)


On 22 December 2004. the work on the project of applying information technology Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary (project no. 2004-054, project leader Goran Igaly), financed by Ministry of science, education and sports, has started. During the project, the free online interface for advanced search of sentence dictionary has been developed and the free download of unsegmented sentences from the sentence dictionary has been enabled. For downloading file with sentences from the sentence dictionary, it is necessary to fill the short a questionnaire.


During the project, the procedure for segmenting sentences and tagging of sentence segments has been developed. Also, the procedure for making connection between sentence segments and dictionary blocks has been developed. Currently, the intensive work on segmentation and tagging of sentences and blocks according to these procedures is in progress.


The official online interface to sentence dictionary serves for advanced search of sentence dictionary, but also as a data source on the basis of which the sentence dictionary is being permanently expanded. Searching of sentence dictionary will be available soon by integration into web interface to the biggest English-Croatian online dictionary system EH.Pro. You can send freely all questions related with sentence dictionary to .

Since the Croatian English Sentence Dictionary project is no longer financed by any external source, hereby I invite all interested sponsors for giving financial support to this project. The domain on which Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary resides is already exceptionally well visited (according to the statistics, it is positioned among 10-20 leading sites in Croatia), with fast growing number of visits. For detail information regarding sponsorship, please contact the marketing service of the Taktika Nova company to the email address .



What is sentence dictionary
  Stimulated by success of the largest Croatian-English online dictionary which resulted with the largest dictionary system - EH.Pro, we have decided to go one step further and to create Croatian-English sentence dictionary. In Croatian-English sentence dictionary there are translations of English sentences to Croatian and vice versa. This is the biggest Croatian-English dictionary of such kind, freely available, opened for comments and extensions. Again, we have chosen the simpliest possible basic format - text format in which one row consists of English and Croatian sentences, separated with one tab character. Svaki par recenica se u ovako koncipiranom rjecniku pojavljuje tocno jedanput. These sentences are being additionally betokened, and by this the exceptionally valuable semantic and syntactic information are achieved. Based on this information the sentence dictionary is compared with English-Croatian dictionary and the grammar for individual languages and translation is being created.

Aim and objective of HE Sentence Dictionary  This page was created on 13 November 2003, exactly 18 months affter successful start of the revolutional EH Dictionary. The project's objective is to create the biggest, accessible for all, Croatian-English sentence dictionary which serves as a supplement to EH Dictionary in several ways:
1. When there are multiple translation in the EH dictionary exists for some term, by using EH Sentence dictionary, one can, from the existing translated sentences, determine which translation best suits to the certain context.
2. Sentence Dictionary can contain translations that are not yet added to the EH Dictionary.
3. EH Dictionary users are often searching for translations of simple phrases that don't belong to EH Dictionary. Such translations will be placed in sentence dictionary.
4. Marked fundus of sentence dictionary is used for development of automatic translation process.

Project's viability:  To be permanent useful, this dictionary has to be filled with new sentences, and wrongly entered sentences have to be deleted. U tu svrhu sam definirao vrlo jednostavna pravila koja ne iziskuju nikakvu posebnu tehnologiju. It is only important that you, users, invest certain effort for general, so proper, well-being.

For addition of new terms, please send the message to the address . Please enter: RR_ADD in the Subject field, and in the message body, the list of sentences and their translations which you want to add to the sentence dictionary. Every row must contain English sentence and Croatian sentence, and sentences must be separated by one tab character. Za brisanje pogrešno prevedenih recenica iz recenicnog rjecnika, pošaljite poruku na istu adresu, ali u polje Subject upišite: RR_DELETE. I will enter such translations to the Sentence Dictionary manually (by using Copy and Paste commands). After segmentation and complete processing, this sentence pair will be included in the next edition of Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary. I reserve the right not to publish malicious contributions.

Usability of Sentence Dictionary  This Sentence Dictionary in its basic form does not contain explanations and sources of texts but only translations. Therefore, it is equally usable as an English-Croatian or as a Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary for translators. In online version of sentence dictionary, corresponding parts of the original and translated text are marked.

A lot of success in using the dictionary,
Dr. Goran Igaly and Taktika Nova -- Croatian-English Sentence Dictionary project team

In Zagreb, 22 January 2006